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Swimming Pools

Steelpool Sweden AB manufactures architecturally designed stainless steel swimming pools and spa facilities tailored to your needs and preferences. We also offer a broad range of turnkey solutions and installation projects. Enjoy the freedom to choose whatever shape and size you want for your pool. You can rest assured you’ll be making a long-term investment as our stainless steel pools last for generations.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for swimming pools. It is watertight and lightweight and boasts elastic properties. A stainless steel swimming pool can be built with self-sustaining walls, which dramatically reduces the construction time in comparison to a traditional tiled pool. Given that steel is easy to maintain, you’ll enjoy lower costs over the life of your pool.

All equipment and pipe fittings are welded to the pool for a watertight seal. None are installed with gaskets or similarly unreliable solutions. Stainless steel is lightweight and recyclable. Hygienically, steel is unbeatable as it does away with the joints and seams where impurities such as staphylococci, coliform bacteria or algae can thrive. You will never need to worry about emptying a steel pool just to renovate damaged or loose tiles – because it doesn’t have any!

Our specially designed bottom inlet channel provides an effective water-circulation system that outperforms those of tiled pools. When combined with our seamless design, this also means less chemicals are needed to treat the water. In addition, the clean lines of a stainless steel swimming pool are amazingly beautiful.