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Stainless Steel Pool Renovation

A large number of public swimming pools in Sweden were built in the 1960s and 1970s, and in recent years many have needed complete renovation because of leaks. An alternative to traditional repair, which normally includes demolition, concrete casting, waterproofing and tiling, is to cover the leaking basin in stainless sheeting.

A new stainless steel pool can be built in your existing concrete basin. If the concrete structure is not sufficiently stable, the framework can be built as a self-sustaining structure during renovation. Renovating your pool in steel will give you a guaranteed watertight design with a more-or-less unlimited lifespan. Renovating your pool in steel allows you to choose any shape you like.

A swimming pool renovated in stainless steel has very low maintenance costs. In addition, it is completely recyclable. These are two very important parameters of life-cycle cost analysis. Capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expenditure (OpEx) are two expense models for determining the most suitable option, whether building a new or renovating an old swimming pool.


Life-cycle costing (LCC) is a means of financial analysis whereby maintenance costs, the effect on the environment and installation costs of a product are plotted over the lifetime of a product.

Consideration of our finite resources means always striving for the best and most long-term solution, a solution that is just as good for the environment as it is for our wallet.

Use LCC as an objective tool and you will find that stainless steel is the most financially sound and environmentally friendly option for you.

CapEx and OpEx

Capital expenditures and operating expenditures can be analyzed to evaluate the most suitable options, whether building a new or renovating an old swimming pool. You can even establish points in time when one option may become more attractive than the other.