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Spa Pools

Custom Designed Down to the Millimeter

Our spa pools are typically produced as single units, which simplifies assembly of the often highly advanced accessories.

Our spa customers often seek to create a specific feeling or function in their spa. We do this either by installing several vitality pools with separate functions or fewer vitality pools with multiple functions.

A spa pool project also usually begins with close collaboration between the customer’s architect and our design department.

Get comfortable in spa paradise and enjoy a vitality pool from SteelPool Sweden AB. The flow of water, air, colors and scents creates an experience of peace, calm and harmony.

Stainless steel is an exclusive material with aesthetic qualities, hygienic benefits and resistance to corrosion.

This attractive and innovative material is perfect for creating unique, prominent and elegant spaces that always satisfy expectations.

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Selected Customer Stories

We could have hidden from winter. Instead, we chose to welcome it. Aurora Spa allows passage between indoors and outdoors, hot and cold, snow and water, darkness and light. Sit indoors and gaze at the white winter landscape through panorama windows, or let the polar winter caress your cheek while you enjoy the warmth of the heated outdoor pool.

With luck, you’ll see the colorful splendor of the northern lights, the aurora borealis, dancing across a velvet-black night sky. The northern lights lend their name to the Aurora Spa and reveal the possibilities and contrasts of the polar winter.

Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan in Kiruna, Sweden

Spafyren is a lighthouse spa by the sea filled with opportunities for recreation, well-being and relaxation. It’s a source of energy renewal. Everything about the spa is dedicated to your well-being.

The peaceful calm of the lighthouse spa helps you unwind and let go of the stress of your everyday life. With the sea as your closest neighbor, the lighthouse spa hosts several pools, saunas, a lounge, a health bar and pleasant areas for socializing.

Topping it all off is a rooftop sundeck with a calm pool, sun loungers and a clear view of the Bothnian Gulf.

Spafyren at Pite Havsbad in Piteå, Sweden