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Luxury Pools

Custom Designed Down to the Millimeter

A luxury pool project usually begins with close collaboration between the customer’s architect and our design department.

The initial design is sketched by hand and in AutoCAD. Once it is ready, we familiarize ourselves with the direction of the project, and our designers make sketches in Inventor Professional 3D. We work closely with the client’s architect and building contractor to make adjustments to the design, finalize it and then move on to structural drawings.

Our luxury pools are built indoors in a controlled environment in as few pieces as possible to ensure that the final product meets the most demanding quality standards and to minimize assembly on site.

Once the pool and all its components are assembled, it will be cleaned and polished.

Recommended Accessories for Your Luxury Pool

  • Overflow channel
    • Infinity edge
    • Letterbox water features
    • Hidden channel
    • Channel finished in same material as deck or terrace
  • Underwater lighting
    • Indirect underwater lighting
    • Color-changing underwater lighting
    • Recessed underwater lighting
  • Glass/acrylic
    • One or more walls in glass/acrylic
    • Infinity edge over glass/acrylic wall
    • Underwater window
    • Glass/acrylic stairs
  • Cover
    • Slatted pool cover in polycarbonate (PC)
    • Movable floor in pool-floor material
    • Movable floor in deck or terrace material
    • Fabric safety cover
  • Placement of pool cover
    • Under bench
    • Under pool floor
    • Behind pool wall
  • Benches
    • Bench in polished tubing
    • Bench in brushed sheet metal
    • Recliner bench in polished tubing
    • Recliner bench in brushed sheet metal
  • Massage accessories
    • All possible massage accessories and locations