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New Construction

We design pools in collaboration with project architects and builders in order to jointly achieve the best and most cost-effective solutions. A stainless steel pool can be built in any shape, limited only by human fantasy.

A stainless steel pool can be built with self-sustaining walls down to a depth of two meters. At greater depths, it is most cost-effective to have supporting walls in basic construction concrete.

A stainless steel swimming pool has the advantage of considerably shorter construction time in comparison to a traditional tiled pool. In addition, we do not need to wait for the concrete to dry. All equipment is welded to the pool, and because the steel is the waterproofing layer, we can check it, document it and guarantee that it is watertight.

A stainless steel pool has very low maintenance costs and is completely recyclable, which are two very important parameters in the life-cycle costing analysis that is done when a new swimming facility is built.

Framo Sjølivet Main Office Building, Bergen, Norway, 2015

Preparatory Concrete Construction

  • Centrally located recess for the bottom inlet channel.
  • Open design for self-sustaining pool walls.
  • Concrete deck for connecting overflow channels.



Completed Competition Swimming Pool

  • Centrally located bottom inlet channel.
  • Self-sustaining pool walls.
  • Infinity overflow edge to ocean view.
  • Complete competition equipment, including lane markings, starting blocks, lane dividers, and false start and backstroke lines.
  • Underwater lighting and underwater windows.


Considerations in New Stainless Steel Pool Construction

  • Capital expenditures (CapEx) for installation are moderately higher.
  • Installation time is shorter.
  • There is no need to take into account concrete drying time.
  • The concrete under the pool can be regular construction concrete.
  • Operating expenditures (OpEx) over time are as much as 70% to 80% lower than a cast and tiled pool.
  • Given the lower operating costs, breakeven is obtained in 58 years, after which the cost of a stainless steel pool continues to drop in relative terms.